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  • Mandy Sinclair


Updated: Sep 20, 2022

David shares stories from prohibition days including tales of temperance acts and the reason why prohibition came into effect. He tells tales of bootleggers and beer busts.

n the seventh episode of Postcards from Huron County, podcast host Mandy Sinclair chats with local historian and author David Yates. David writes a column for Huron County newspapers spotlighting local history and is the author of Out of the Woods, Out of the Blue and That Freedom Might Survive, to name a few.

He also taught many students history at Central Huron Secondary School in Clinton.

Favourite quote:

“The other thing that happens in the Victorian age is the rise of women's movements and the women's movements actually picked up on prohibitions. That was their cause. And that was probably, in Canada, women's first adventure onto the political stage and it actually allowed them later on during the war to get the right to vote."

- David Yates of the power of women in bringing about prohibition

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Further resources:

This episode was recorded in 2021, so the article referenced as written “this year” was actually 2021. To read the article:

David is the author of the following books:

Out of the Woods

Out of the Blue

That Freedom Might Survive

The Time of Our Lives

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