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  • Mandy Sinclair


Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Long-time volunteers Janet Cameron and Marie Flynn share personal memories from the years spent volunteering at the Clinton Spring Fair including memorable talent show acts, the baby show and home crafts.

In the seventh episode of Postcards from Huron County, host Mandy Sinclair sat down with Janet Cameron and Marie Flynn to learn more about the Clinton Spring Fair.

We chat about the baby show, queen of the fair, talent shows, the Saturday parade through Clinton, and the famous demolition derby, all popular events in years past at the Clinton Spring Fair. Janet explains why Clinton hosts a spring fair while surrounding regions host fall fairs, and the purpose of hosting an annual fair.

Favourite quote from the episode:
“She didn’t place, but she was first as far as I was concerned.”

- Marie Flynn on entering her daughter in the baby show

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Correction: Marie noted that talent show contestants were divided in to 6 – 12 and 13 -18. She meant to say 13 - 21 years of age.

Clinton Spring Fair:

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