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  • Mandy Sinclair


Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Historic Saugeen Métis culture keeper Jenna McGuire shares insight about life prior to settler contact and her family's marine history.

On the first episode of Postcards from Huron County, Jenna tells of community members growing gardens, corn and even certain medicinal plants on the shores of Lake Huron in what settlers know as Goderich, and her family’s long marine history. She tells listeners about trade routes and goods produced in the area and traded on the Great Lakes.

And Jenna shares personal stories of her Aunt Annie and traditional architectural styles.

Favourite quote from the episode:
'I remember the voyageurs coming down the peninsula in their canoes laden with furs. And she said, ‘I could hear them singing before I saw them.’

- Jenna McGuire of her Aunt Annie's memories

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